About Us

Hi, I'm Candice and together with my Husband, Dale we own and run Mooood.

This little family owned business was born out of the love that we both have for being creative and innovative.

I worked with my Mother in her Arts & Crafts business All You Needle, and after spending hours on analysing the business, I realised we were missing a big piece of what our customers were looking for. Diamond Painting and Paint by Numbers have become increasingly popular over the years, and more so during the Covid Pandemic, when we as individuals spent a lot more time at home trying to keep ourselves busy and entertained. I noticed that although there were may kits out there that would keep most customers happy, there was a growing number of customers (who had completed most of the kits we already offered) who were looking for custom kits, ones that were more meaningful, like family photo's or pictures of their beloved pets. It has been a long time in the making, but I have finally managed to find a supplier I am happy to partner with to give our customers the freedom to make their own choices, to create the artworks they have always wanted but were just out of their reach.

Dale who works for Football Fix, is responsible for Team Apparel, a part of his business which provides clothing for the sporting industry.

After many hours of trying to figure what we could do to start a little something for ourselves we stumbled upon Mooood, a clothing brand we have designed and created. We drew some inspiration from our kids who love to wear Hoodies (just as much as I do).We may have picked their brains to find out what is hip and cool with the young ins nowadays...LOL. The idea is to give our customers the opportunity to express themselves in a fun and playful way through our clothing designs. 

Our hope is that our customers have the freedom to express their Mood with our awesome custom clothing. Combined with the Custom Diamond Paintings and Paint by Number kits, our hope is that you have as much fun choosing what you really want, the same way we have fun providing you with all our awesome products